Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines showcases ‘The Best Fjords of Norway’ in 2016

Press Releases   •   Apr 23, 2015 10:27 BST

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has launched a new brochure, entitled ‘The Best Fjords of Norway’, which showcases 20 outstanding Norwegian sailings on offer in its 2016/17 cruise programme.


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ ‘Top Five’ best sellers for 2015/16

Press Releases   •   Apr 15, 2015 17:21 BST

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has released its latest ‘Top Five’ best-selling cruises for the 2015/16 cruise season so far, representing exceptional value and a great destination experience.


Great savings on offer in Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ new regional ‘Summer Cruises’ campaign

Press Releases   •   Apr 14, 2015 14:31 BST

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has launched a new regional multi-media advertising campaign to promote selected Summer 2015 sailings, focussing on the important catchment areas of Avonmouth (Bristol), Dover, Greenock (Glasgow), Rosyth (Edinburgh), Liverpool, Newcastle and Southampton, which are all home to Fred.


TV blockbuster ‘Fortitude’ ‘drives sales North’ at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, as Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland are top-sellers for 2016

Press Releases   •   Apr 09, 2015 10:01 BST

Sky Atlantic’s highly-acclaimed psychological thriller, ‘Fortitude’ – set in Pyramiden, Spitsbergen, the fictional Arctic settlement of Fortitude – has been helping to ‘drive sales North’ at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, as Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland are amongst the top-selling itineraries for 2016.


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ Boudicca to commence cruise season from Dover in Spring 2015

Press Releases   •   Apr 02, 2015 16:29 BST

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ 880-guest ship Boudicca is due to commence her cruise season from Dover on 7th April 2015, with a seven-night ‘France & Spain’ sailing. In all, Fred. Olsen is offering five cruises from Dover on board Boudicca in 2015/16, plus a further 16 departures on board 929-guest Braemar.


Now is the time to explore and discover ‘The World’s Top 50 Experiences’ with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Press Releases   •   Mar 30, 2015 16:44 BST

From April 2015, approximately 18 million people in the UK, aged over 55, will be given access to up to 25% of their pension – tax-free – for the first time; and every year, a further 320,000 people will become eligible. It is estimated that £6 billion will be spent within the first three months after April, with the number one discretionary spend predicted to be on holidays.


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ Black Watch to commence inaugural cruise season from Liverpool in Spring 2015

Press Releases   •   Mar 26, 2015 09:57 GMT

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ 804-guest ship Black Watch is due to commence her first-ever cruise programme from Liverpool’s Pier Head Cruise Terminal on 31st March 2015, with a 13-night ‘Canary Islands Easter’ cruise – for what will be the company’s third season from the popular North Western port. In all, Fred. Olsen is offering 15 cruises from Liverpool in 2015/16, which is an increase on the 11...


Take in the scents and colours of the annual ‘Funchal Flower Festival’ with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Press Releases   •   Mar 23, 2015 14:32 GMT

​Gardening has long been one of the top-rated hobbies for people in the UK, and many Britons choose to spend their leisure time tending to their pots, plants and lawns. In keeping with these green-fingered tendencies, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is offering guests the chance to visit Funchal, Madeira during its spectacular annual ‘Flower Festival’, running from 16th to 22nd April 2015, on board...


Staying fit and healthy on your cruise

Blog posts   •   Mar 19, 2015 09:07 GMT

Cruising is all about exploration, relaxation and having a good time. However, many people are keen to make sure that they stay reasonably active during their voyage; after all, all of that time on deckchairs and eating great food might leave a few guests feeling a little guilty! If you’re one of those people, there’s plenty you can do!


Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ guests eagerly await the total solar eclipse on board Black Watch, Boudicca and Braemar

Press Releases   •   Mar 18, 2015 17:59 GMT

Guests on board Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ three ships Black Watch, Boudicca and Braemar are eagerly awaiting the awe-inspiring total solar eclipse on Friday 20th March 2015. The ships are all heading for the exact co-ordinates off the coast of the Faroe Islands – 64.26.3N, 6.39.0W – that will give guests the very best chance of witnessing this spectacular natural phenomenon.

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