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Cruising with Fred. Olsen – 'Bringing the world closer to you'

Blog post   •   Nov 11, 2014 14:04 GMT

Many people would agree that one of the worst parts about travelling is, well, the actual process of travelling. Long train rides; traffic jams and endless hours in airplane seats are all things that we have come to accept as part of the journey. Fortunately, this isn't strictly true; there’s a way to travel without being uncomfortable – getting on a cruise!

Holidays should be about taking it easy, being comfortable and not worrying about a thing. By going on a cruise, you’re in the hands of the caring crew and staff as soon as you step on board. You won’t need to worry about how to get to your destinations or what to do – all is taken care of. The only thing you have to think about is where to go!

More destinations, better service

Fred. Olsen cruise ships are different from what you may expect. Instead of huge, busy and overloaded floating duplexes, you get purpose-built vessels that are smaller, more intimate and more comfortable as a result. With less hustle and bustle you’ll benefit from better service and the chance to get to know your fellow cruisers as time goes by.

Another benefit of our smaller cruise ships is that they can travel to more destinations without being limited by their size. Some of the most beautiful parts of the world can’t be accessed by huge cruise ships, but our vessels are just the right size to traverse more narrow waters, getting you closer to more than 200 amazing worldwide locations. For instance, on one of our ships can you take a trip down the magnificent Seine on a French river cruise or the Guadalquivir River in Spain; let’s see a giant liner try and do that!

More journeys, more memories

Any passionate cruise operator will give their utmost attention on creating dynamic, exciting and intriguing journey and itineraries for their guests. We put a great amount of focus on offering a range of great cruises, ranging from popular favourites and must-see’s through to more unique and special experiences such as our Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise.

As part of this, we don’t just plan adventures based on destinations alone; we go a little deeper and plan trips that coincide with world events such as Viking festivals, Christmas markets and local celebrations. This gives guests experiences that go beyond traditional cruising to create memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s a big world out there - let us show you around!

by Ben Williams

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