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Discover Bordeaux and its Classic Wine Region

Blog post   •   Feb 18, 2015 11:31 GMT

Whether you see yourself as a wine connoisseur in the making, or simply enjoy a quiet glass every now and then, our French River cruises are the perfect way to enjoy an educational insight into the word of wine whilst also basking in all the beauty France has to offer. 

French River Cruising M1507

Climb aboard the beautiful decks of the Braemar to begin your cultural exploration along the harmonious, winding waterways of France. Your first port of call will be the tranquil old Atlantic seaport of La Pallice, the gateway to the charming city of La Rochelle. Here you will have the chance to sample the wide-variety of appetising bars and cafes serving delicious local wines and artisan food before heading onward to gorgeous Bordeaux. 

Once named ‘Sleeping Beauty’ this city is perhaps more famous for its wine that it’s dainty streets and neoclassical architecture. The opportunity to sample some local produce will not be far away; on average the region of Bordeaux produces 43 million cases of wine a year, and for fans of claret 89% of that is red. After a two-night stay in Bordeaux, Braemar will make her way to Nantes, a city laden with historical architecture and serene parks before finally floating to Rouen. 

Situated on the River Seine, Rouen is the capital of Normandy and famed during the middle ages as one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. Alongside an unmissable medieval walking tour, you’ll also have the chance to sample some of the finest Normandy wines or take a short trip to the city of love to end your holiday under the bright lights of Paris. 

French River Cruising M1522

Under the balmy summer sunshine you’ll have the chance to experience all the riches of some of France’s most stunning cities. Begin your journey by witnessing Mother Nature at her finest, as Braemar floats along the calming waters of the Loire River and onward to your first stop of Nantes. Steeped in history, Nantes strikes a harmonious balance of modern life and past-culture, where the fruits of its past and present are best explored with a shore tour which includes castle’s, abbey’s and the world-renowned Cointreau distillery. 

A two night stay In beautiful Bordeaux awaits, and you’ll be hard-pushed to sample all of the delights the city has to offer. The Grand Theatre de Bordeaux is well worth making time for, but for those wishing to work their palate, then a trip to the nearby Saint Emilon & Pomerol vineyards is highly recommended. 

Braemar will finally depart to your last destination of La Rochelle, a city both new and old that appears to be suspended in time. From the 16th century architecture of the impresive Town Hall to the stunning Porte de la Grosse Horloge ( Tower of the Big Clock), for history buffs La Rochelle is a true cultural gem to saviour.

by Ben Williams