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First Time Cruise Tips

Blog post   •   May 13, 2014 11:13 BST

Cruising is a unique and highly enjoyable form of travelling and exploration, but those who have never cruised before may wonder about the little things such as what to pack, how to spend their time on board and how to be best prepared for the adventure ahead. Just like any other holiday, it’s all about a bit of planning – whilst the accommodation will able to cater for the basics, being well prepared for the trip can make it all more the enjoyable. If you’re a first-timer, fear not!

Here are some simple first time cruise tips to help you get the most from your holiday:

Pack for all occasions

One of the great things about a cruise holiday is that you can bring a lot more with you than you would on a plane. You never know what kind of excursions, activities or social events might come up so bringing something to wear for them all is a good idea. For example, formal wear for dinners, swimwear and shorts for activities and comfortable clothes for when you get off board to explore destinations along the way.

Formal Dinner, Black Watch

Don’t let seasickness put you off!

Something that might make someone think twice about going on a cruise is the prospect of seasickness. Fortunately, modern cruise ships are larger and are specially designed to be more stable in rougher seas. To further avoid any risk of seasickness, we recommend booking a trip during the summer when the seas will be calmer, or perhaps consider a Norwegian fjords cruise with beautiful and calm waters. As an additional safeguard, bring some over the counter seasick medication just in case.


Get to know the itinerary and on-board activities

Cruise ships often have many activities and entertainment options on board to maintain a high level of enjoyment for guests. Before or just after boarding, look for a detailed list of all that’s happening on-board and sign yourself up to anything that catches your fancy. Enjoy spas and fitness centres, play games up on the decks, enjoy evening entertainment or just take it easy with a deckchair and the open air.

Neptune Lounge

Mingle and explore

Whether you are travelling with your family, partner or doing it solo, spend as little time in your cabin as possible! One of the best things about cruising is getting to meet new people and sharing a great experience together. Cruise ships often have group activities and excursions, so what better opportunity to meet fellow travellers and make new friends on the way.


For more first time cruise tips and relevant information on getting the most from your cruise, check out our ‘new to cruising’ section and get yourself ready for an unforgettable experience on the sea.

By Evie Williams.

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