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Group Travel Tips

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Group Travel Tips

Although travelling in a group may seem like a simple and straightforward affair, without the right amount of planning your group could soon find itself heading in separate directions in pursuit of individual holiday agendas. Luckily we’ve got some great group travel tips to steer you on the right path, and make sure that your voyage goes as smooth as can be.

Get organised and plan ahead: Our top group travel tips

Even if all those within your group have been best friends for years, there are always going to be small factors that have an effect on the group schedule. Things such as uneven budgets, differing activity levels and in some cases, alternative personal interests can all have an impact on how your group holiday pans out. With all this in mind, it’s crucial to get you group together and plan a few pre-holiday ideas.

Choosing your cruise:

Before you pack your swimwear and sunscreen its worth determining what type of holiday everyone is looking for. Not everyone is looking for sun and sand, so if a member of the group feels that their preference isn't being taken into consideration, they might end up not enjoying the holiday as much as they could. This may seem basic enough, but it’s important that everyone in your group has the chance to properly voice their opinion, and that everybody has mutually agreed the final choice.

Appoint a group leader:

When group booking, it’s advisable to have one person make the arrangements, otherwise you may run the risk of booking different things for different people by accident. Having a designated person in charge of pricing, booking and logistics will benefit the whole group and is a great way to ensure a smooth-operating holiday, with no hassle of everybody trying book extra tickets, tours and travel individually.

Decide shore-tours in advance:

With so many shore-tours available, it can be a tough task to decide which tours are for you, let alone choosing tours that will suit everyone's wants and needs. Before you set sail on your cruise make sure that you’re all certain on a handful of tours to experience together. With several group tours booked, if something extra takes your eye that others may not like, then you’re free to book tickets without feeling like you’re excluding others.

Put a plan in place if you get separated:

Finding your friends whilst at sea may not be a tall order, but in locations you’re visiting for the first time, getting separated could end up in a day-long excursion searching for your group, wasting valuable time you could be having exploring your surroundings. Using mobile phones to communicate might seem like an obvious resource for communication, but with many providers charging inflated roaming charges you may come home to an unwanted bill. Instead organise group meeting spots at certain times, and always have a fall-back location just in case you find yourself in a spot of bother. If your group members feel like exploring individually, why not meet in front of the harbour at 7 o'clock and head for dinner?

Value your own time:

Although you’re going on holiday as a group, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the other people’s break away, but yours as well. Whilst sometimes there may have to be a degree of compromise within your group, it’s important to make room for activities that you would like to do. Taking a walk or relaxing on the beach with a book for an hour won’t be frowned upon by others, and if each group member takes a little time out to themselves, it will prevent everyone getting on top of each other and lead to an all-round better holiday.

Hopefully the above advice comes in handy – travelling in groups really is a great experience and when you’re on a cruise together, exploring the world it can really bring you all closer together and create some fantastic shared memories you’ll all talk about for years to come.

If you aren't perhaps the most experienced cruiser, read our tips on our comprehensive new to cruising page for answers to common questions and start planning your dream trip today!

by Ben Williams



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