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Our top 5 European cruises from the UK

Blog post   •   Sep 29, 2014 17:14 BST

Embark on a Fred. Olsen cruise from the UK for a chance to experience Europe like never before! Departing from ten UK ports, our European cruises venture as far as the beautiful Baltic borders in the north, to the sunny climes of the Mediterranean in the south. In case you’re stuck for holiday ideas, we’ve put together a shortlist of our top 5 European cruises for you to consider:

Centre of Venice & the Adriatic W1504

Set sail from Liverpool on board Black Watch and embark on an Adriatic adventure that sweeps some of the most dazzling corners of Europe. Feel the soothing fresh sea air as you begin your journey through the glistering waters of Gibraltar and Spain. Picture perfect coastline scenery and sparkling white sandy beaches await your arrival as your ship glides through the gateway of the gorgeous Mediterranean and onto the beautiful shores of Italy, Croatia, Malta and Algeria.

Venice, Italy

Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise D1516

Jump aboard our Poison Gardens cruise and take centre stage in the world’s largest participative murder mystery. A first for any cruise line, this unique cruise begins at the spectacular Poison Gardens of Alnwick Castle before journeying through the grand Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisbon. After 16 nights of glorious sun, pulsating fun and special sights, your adventure will round off for the finale at the twinned Poison Gardens of Guimar in Tenerife, where all will be revealed and one lucky mystery-solving guest will win a World Cruise for two people.

French River Cruising M1507

Having a great cruise experience doesn’t always have to mean boarding the biggest ship, or venturing to the furthest location on the map. Come aboard the peaceful decks of the Braemar and discover the bounty of delights the French coastline has to offer. An overnight stay in the sleepy city of Bordeaux will allow you to explore the peaceful surroundings, quaint market stalls and dreamy architecture that encapsulate this alluring French city at your own pace. The cultural exploration continues as the Braemar glides on to the cities of La Rochelle and Nantes, before rounding off in Rouen, just a stone’s throw away from Paris.

Bringing the Baltic closer to you M1513

Year on year the Baltics are becoming ever more popular as tourists have started to discover the grand medieval architecture and breath-taking scenery that runs through the heart of some of Europe’s most treasured locations. Start your trip in the rustic German town of Lubeck, before setting sail to the enchanting Danish city of Copenhagen, where a mazy canal ride and fantastic dining set the stage before you make your way further north to Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Peterhof, St. Petersburg

Fjords, Mountains & Glaciers L1509

Take one of our Baltic cruises from the UK and bask in the jaw-dropping views that only Fjords, Mountains and Glaciers can only provide. Sailing aboard the Balmoral experience a close connection with the delightful scenery as you meander your way through the charming towns and cities of Norway. Enjoy one of the local delicacies at Bergen fish market, embark on a tour of the great Briksdal Glacier, or take a trip up Mount Fløyen, 320 meters above sea level.

For more travel inspiration and holiday ideas, check out all of our cruises from the UK and book yourself the trip of a lifetime!

by Ben Williams