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Parintins & the legend of Boi Bumba

Blog post   •   Jan 10, 2014 17:21 GMT

An Amazon cruise provides an incredible opportunity to explore the fascinating Amazon River, where the people, culture and exotic wildlife never fail to inspire.

Our series of blogs provide an idea of what to expect during your stay at the three river ports you will experience on your Amazon cruise. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty and sheer vastness of the Amazon.

Port 3 - Parintins

Every year Parintins comes alive with the festival of Boi Bumba. It’s such a huge event that by the time one festival finishes, they are already preparing for the next! Boi Bumba is the second-largest festival in Brazil, so we were eager to have a front row seat to this famous folklore party.

The celebrations are widespread and happen all over the city. Our tour guide took us to the Convention Centre, which was only a short walk from the port, where we are handed a refreshing caipirinha cocktail.

The Convention Centre was transformed into a patchwork of jewel colours. Every single performer was clad in tassels and sequins, waving banners and wearing war paint. We knew we were somewhere very far from home.

Boi Bumba Festival re-enactment

The chirping of whistles and banging of drums rumbled past with each act showcasing their costumes and dance routines. The time and effort put into the puppets and the creatures that are conjured up was simply jaw-dropping. It made it impossible to choose our favourite!

We were completely immersed and fixated on the fluid movements and rhythms of the samba band as they encouraged us to get on our feet and dance. The intimate setting was perfect for a truly special experience.

It felt as though night never fell on Parintins that evening as the energy and excitement stayed with us until we returned to the ship.

By Evie Williams