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Romantic Cruise Destinations

Blog post   •   Feb 14, 2014 09:34 GMT

Well it’s that time of year again, so to celebrate Valentine’s Day we thought we would take a look at some of the world’s most romantic holiday destinations. There’s nothing quite like standing on deck, hand in hand whilst watching the sun set over shimmering waters, or exploring a beautiful foreign city and soaking up the culture. The world is a truly beautiful place and we could list dozens of amazing destinations, but here a few of our favourites:

Venice and The Adriatic  – Canals and culture

Home to some incredible cities and islands, cruising Venice and the Adriatic is considered a classic destination for the romantically inclined. From the old-world charm of Venice and boat trips along the canals through to beautiful locations in the Adriatic including Croatia, Gibraltar Bari, Ravenna, Split and Dubrovnik, your time together in these sun-kissed cities will be well spent.

The Caribbean  – Sun and sea

Sun, sea, beaches, cocktails and dancing – The Caribbean really paints a picture of colourful culture and romance. Explore the rainforest, go scuba diving, relax on the beach and discover the local islands; there’s so much to do as a couple. When all is said and done, the simplicity of watching the sun go down together over the blue seas and white sands really needs no more explanation.

The Northern Lights  – Magical and beautiful

You don’t need hot sunshine and sand to experience something special with your loved one. Seeing the northern lights is not just a rare opportunity, but something you can share together forever. Witnessing the beauty of the enigmatic natural is a truly life-affirming moment and being under the stars as you float along the silent waters is a simply amazing experience you’ll both remember forever.

So there you are – the above are just a few of our favourites. These places are guaranteed to rekindle flames and create beautiful memories of adventure and companionship. For those that are single, worry not – our smaller, more intimate ships provide the perfect setting to make new friends, and where better than on one of our solo cruises

By Evie Williams