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Why take a Fred. Olsen river cruise?

Blog post   •   Jul 30, 2014 15:13 BST

If you’re looking for an intimate and immersive holiday, then booking a river cruise is the perfect opportunity for a scenic adventure that’ll leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Although oceanic cruises also offer a fantastic experience, sometimes something a little smaller in scale may be just what you need. Smaller cruises mean that you can explore smaller areas, resulting in a relaxed and tranquil exploration of exotic river waters with many more different ports.

So what exactly makes river cruises so great? Here are a few reasons why they may just float your boat:

Take in more 

With a smaller area to cover, you’ll have more time to explore and absorb the local cultures. Rent a bike in Amsterdam, visit the breath-taking Vondelpark and practice your best Dutch phrases at the waterfront cafes. Enjoy the cosmopolitan feel of Hamburg on our German waterways cruise, bursting with exquisite seafood and experience outdoor live concerts and festivals during the warmer summer months. For the romantics out there, take it easy on a cruise down the charming Loire River, (the longest in France!), or the beautiful yacht-filled harbour in Honfleur. Take your time and enjoy!


There are more rivers than oceans out there, so the variety of locations you’ll visit will be higher. Take in the beauty of delightful French cities as you take a trip along the magnificent River Seine, or Paris, a city brimming with style, culture and romance. Explore the vibrant city of Amsterdam or savour the Spanish flavours of the Guadalquivir River. There are so many options!

All of the perks, closer to you

Although they are smaller in sizes, river cruises still have everything you need to have a great holiday. With plenty of space, hotel-like bedrooms and plenty of deck space up top, you won’t be missing out on any of the cruise perks you would expect from larger vessels. Check out the various excursions on offer and mingle with fellow cruisers as you eat, drink and make merry!


Take it easy - You’re on holiday after all! Enjoy your desired travel destinations in a comfortable and relaxing setting with plenty of character and casual friendliness. No need to pack the tux - just the sunnies, camera and sunscreen. River cruises like to take things slow, and never rush. As your entire holiday follows a structure, you won’t have to worry about a thing – simply explore the ports as your ship travels down the waters, take it easy up on deck and let us do all the work for you.

River cruises usually take place during warm-weather months, so sit back on your floating hotel and take in the cities, quaint villages and colourful countryside views. Go and explore to your heart’s content and enjoy a more intimate and relaxed cruise experience.

Sounds good, right? Well what are you waiting for – see what river cruises we have on offer and book yourself a spot this holiday season.

by Ben Williams