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All that glitters is gold: Yangon

Blog post   •   Jun 08, 2014 14:45 BST

In 2015, Balmoral will be calling at Thilawa, for tours to the sparkling destination of Yangon. A growing and developing cosmopolitan destination, Yangon is thriving with businesses, cafes and tourist restaurants. The most iconic and spectacular part of this location is its tradition, history, religious influence and friendly locals, all of which can be experienced at the Shwedagon Pagoda.  

The walk up to the Pagoda is a surreal experience, as you will most likely have never seen so much glittering gold in your lifetime – and if you have, lucky you! The path is lined with ornate relics and stupa’s, all sixty eight of them. Many rituals state that you must take your shoes off before entering this sacred landmark. You can enter the Pagoda from four separate entrances, each housing relics that represent the four previous Buddha’s. 

There is a wealth of colour and gem stone pigments that may catch your eye from the curved exterior of the 326ft high building. These carry on to the very top of the Pagoda’s crown which is encrusted with diamonds and rubies.  Locals and monarchs often donate gold to ensure this incredible structure maintains its beauty.

Feel a surge of positive energy and calming vibes from the most sacred and sensational Shwedagon Pagoda, it really does make it difficult not to be swept away by its enchanting presence.

For an alternative experience visit the ancient city of Bagan. Occupying 26 square miles, this beautiful archaeological site is set against a verdant backdrop of trees and vegetation. In amongst these trees you will discover hundreds of beautiful temples, most of which have been superbly preserved. Others contain carvings and statues of Buddha. Bagan really is a sight to behold and a ‘must do’ if you are lucky enough to visit Myanmar.

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By Evie Williams.