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How to Choose a Holiday

Blog post   •   Jul 15, 2014 13:55 BST

Need help picking your perfect holiday destination? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at you from all directions? Then fear not, as we are here with a specially devised list to help make the journey to holiday heaven that step easier. Don’t settle for second best or all-inclusive packages that take away all the fun from planning your trip – instead, just follow some of these handy tips.

Find your holiday style

Take a moment to think about what kind of holiday you’re looking for. Are you seeking some down time to relax, take it easy and maybe get in some pampering? Maybe you prefer the idea of an adventure, exploring the world on a solo cruise and discovering vibrant new cultures. There’s a holiday out there for everyone, so have a little think about what you want to get out of it.

Pick the right seasons 

Try and pick a location with a climate that suits you and avoid parts of the world that might not be the most comfortable. The last thing you want is to have to deal with extreme temperatures and climates when you’re not used to them. Of course, this might be part of your adventure, so if you’re heading out to areas with some not-so comfortable weather make sure you pack accordingly and don’t take shorts to the Arctic Circle!

Budget for brilliance 

You don’t have to cause a massive dent in your bank balance to enjoy what’s on offer. Make a realistic budget, but prepare in advance for any emergencies! You might prefer 5 star accommodations, but saving some cash in favour of a three star is just as cosy and delightful. This means you to have more money to experience the local culture and cuisine instead of racking up the room service bill!

Do your research 

Even if you have your heart set on a destination, it’s always a good idea to do some research first. Chances are that other people who have visited that location had an amazing time, but finding out what they enjoyed, and what they didn’t can help you narrow down your holiday choices. Of course, don’t let other people completely affect what you want to do – they may have simply had some bad luck, or their expectations were unrealistic. Hopefully the above tips might help you narrow down what it is you want from your holiday. For more inspiration, why not look at our travel destinations and get an idea of the place you want to visit!

by Ben Williams