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Santarem, Piranha Fishing & the Meeting of the Waters

Blog post   •   Jan 08, 2014 16:38 GMT

An Amazon cruise provides an incredible opportunity to explore the fascinating Amazon River, where the people, culture and exotic wildlife never fail to inspire.

Our series of blogs provide an idea of what to expect during your stay at the three river ports you will experience on your Amazon cruise. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty and sheer vastness of the Amazon  – but Santarem is a good place to start.

Port 1 - Santarem 

A balmy heat hung in the air as we walked the quayside in our khaki shorts and tee shirts ready for adventure. The harbour was alive with locals performing tribal dances and bustling market stalls selling souvenirs.

Our tour guide recommended boarding the canoes to have a go at piranha fishing and we couldn’t resist! Whilst negotiating the boat, we took up our seats in pole position for spotting some Amazonian wildlife.

We soaked up the information from our tour guide and made note of the many and varied animals to watch out for. At the same time we firmly clutched our cameras awaiting the chance to see the pink dolphins and crocodiles that lurk below the surface.

A gentle current carried our canoe downstream passing rustic homes perched on stilts as their owners waved to us from the river bank.

The heat haze hit us like a sturdy mud hut as we got deeper in to the Amazon, the coos of the rainforest animals echoed in the distance.

Our tour guide gently brought the canoe to a halt and gestured to the murky water below. One by one we leant over to see a peaceful current disrupted by a ripple that nudged the boat. Scales and fins sliced through the water - it was time for piranha fishing!

Piranha Fishing in Santarem

We each took it in turns to put on the fishing equipment and try our hand at the thrilling sport accompanied by gentle laughter, as the tour guides poked fun at our cautious technique.

As the expedition came to an end, we basked in the ambience of the peaceful river cruise as the coos of the rainforest animals echoed in the distance, until something incredible caught our eye.

A thick, murky tide was being repelled by the deep blue of the Amazon River - both currents refusing to shake hands in the middle. We got a snapshot of nature at its most weird and equally wonderful when faced with the ‘wedding of the waters’. A unique end to our Amazon Adventure! 

By Evie Williams