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Why people love Mini Cruises

Blog post   •   Apr 01, 2014 09:39 BST

Life can sometimes get the better of us all and everyone deserves a break - but when you can only get a few days off, what should you do to get the most out of your holiday? Some people might drive up the country or visit a different city, but many are starting to discover the prospect of a quick trip courtesy of a mini cruise. So why are they so popular?

Quick trips with lasting memories 

Mini cruises are a great way to try out a trip when you’re a first timer! You can explore great cities around Europe and be back at home in just a couple of days. Best of all, these cruises also leave from UK ports, such as Southampton, Dover, Tilbury and Liverpool, so you won’t have to travel too far to begin your holiday. You can go to a range of fantastic destinations - From enjoying delicious chocolates in Belgium, lively pubs in Dublin and extravagant shopping in France there’s a whole lot you can do in just a few days. Of course, mini-cruises still offer the creature comforts of their full-fledged counterparts; you can still sit back and relax in spas, Salons, up on deck or in one of the bars and restaurants.

Dutch windmill and tulips

Experience more for less 

Mini-cruises are also a great option for those who want a taste for travel, but don’t necessarily have the funds to go on a fully-blown trip. They also make brilliant gifts or anniversary getaways, and due to the shorter times they take are usually quite easy to fit around day to day life. In today’s world, it can actually be quite difficult to get away for any decent length of time, not to mention catching flights which simple take you from A to B without any real sense of travelling. With mini cruises you get the benefit of adventure and sightseeing that doesn’t break the bank or leave you away from home for too long. For more information on mini cruises and some inspiration as to where you want to go, check out our mini-cruises and plan a simple, swift and memorable trip on the seas.

By Evie Williams