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Adventure in Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City

Blog post   •   Jun 16, 2014 10:15 BST

Picture the winding streets of an energetic and colourful city, spanning both sides of the Saigon River, north-east of the tranquil Mekong Delta and you will have a snapshot of one of Vietnam’s most vibrant cities

With a harrowing past and a bright future, Ho Chi Minh has been known to attract around three million visitors in just one year - and with good reason too.  The city is split up into districts, in which there are over ten. Many of Ho Chi Minh’s hotspots and popular sights to be seen can be found in district one, such as the Opera House, City Hall and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The streets are often teeming with locals on motorcycles and dense traffic, but deep within the hustle and bustle, you can find some market stalls selling authentic ingredients and street food that is good to go.

Aromatic spices fill the air in thick plumes of smoke rising from the street vendors BBQ and washing over locals and tourists alike. Each dish is often delicately hand cooked and bursting with flavour, offering something different for your taste pallet.

For those history enthusiasts, take a look at the Cu Chi Tunnels by hopping on a tour to discover Vietnam’s memories of the war whilst enjoying many of the sights of Saigon.

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By Evie Williams.